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' It is work like this that will move the need for change forward. So I hope in borrowing or purchasing this book you feel compelled to be part of this action.'

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm (from her foreword).

After ten years of discovering and producing brilliant new plays, Little Pieces of Gold's first play anthology is in book shops around the world.


Short Plays with Great Roles for Women is an antidote to the traditional representation of women on stage, by offering twenty-two short plays that put women right at the centre of the action.

The push for more women's roles has gathered force over the last few years, and this collection is part of that movement, with rich, intelligent roles for women of all ages and backgrounds. This anthology offers a vital slice of life, addressing relevant and diverse topics such as: a young Islamic woman coming out to her religious mother; black women's navigation of the natural hair movement; bullying in a small-town American school; social media addiction; and the trials and tribulations of family life. Plays from award winning playwrights are supported by original production details and playwrights' afterwards, forming a broad and comprehensive collection of complete texts that offer full character journeys.

Appealing to aspiring performers, playwrights, directors and students, Short Plays with Great Roles for Women is an essential resource for actor training, assessments, showcases, show-reels, short films and theatre performances.

Anthology authors: Fiona Doyle; Dipo Baruwa-Etti; Yasmin Joseph; Katherine Manners; Laura Jayne Ayres; Fran Bushe; Joanne Lau;

Jasmin Mandi-Ghomi; Christine Robertson; Clare Joy Langford; Gabrielle Curtis; Tatty Hennessy; Corinne Salisbury; Grace Ivana Carroll;

Sarah Hehir; Stella Ajayi; Sarah Kosar; Elizabeth Kwenortey; Lydia Parker;

Felix O'Brien; Jaki McCarrick; Vicki Connerty; Daisy Stenham.

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